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Guangzhou GE-STELL architecture decoration Co., Ltd.founded in 2008, around the customer demand oriented, adhering to the natural beauty, artistic beauty, social beauty and other phenomena of nature, to build a model of space design.After 8 years of interior design and decoration project experience accumulation, development has become both professional and creative, design and construction and interior design services building.

Since its establishment, GE-STELL to establish a win-win cooperation of friendly strategic partnership with customers, including Vanke (000002), polystyrene estate (600048), Guangzhou Radio Group, Hagrid, communication (002465), China Telecom (00728). Construction projects include: Vanke White Swan Hotel in Qingyuan, Huadu Vanke Rancho Santa Fe, sales center, Zhongshan Baoli model room, Hagrid communication group exhibition, Zhuhai Telecom exhibition hall, Nanjing Youth Olympic will digital center, Guangzhou Oriental modern art museum, and so on.

Standardization, standardization, humanization management system is set one of the core of the construction of the brand design, recruit talent, encourage foster set more creative, committed to build a broad and solid, to share the results of the design and construction of the platform.

GE-STELL construction, set the quality of service.



廣州集置建筑裝飾有限公司(GE-STELL CONSTRUCTION),具備建筑裝飾工程(貳級)資質、建筑裝飾設計(乙級)資質,堅持客戶需求為導向,秉承對空間美學與空間功能的平衡性研究,致力構建空間設計典范。

成立至今,集置建設(GE-STELL CONSTRUCTION)與客戶建立合作共贏的友好戰略伙伴關系,包括萬科地產(000002)、保利地產(600048)、海倫堡地產集團、廣州無線電集團、海格通信(002465)、中國電信(00728)等;完成項目包括:萬科清遠白天鵝酒店、花都萬科蘭橋圣菲售樓中心、海格通信集團展廳、電信辦公樓、南京青奧委會數字中心、廣州東方現代美術館等等。


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