Service Scope


Service as the main content of the core set, placed in the field of interior design work covers real estate, hotel, catering, commercial, office and other fields of architectural space, architectural decoration design company has B qualification, has on architectural decoration construction qualification, including project planning, design, construction design, deepening cooperation the whole design services.
Balance of function requirement and aesthetic value we have focused on space, by thinking of the essence of technology design, through the excavation project of culture and activity form, construction conditions, technical expertise, and on the basis of reference to the construction of advanced technology in order to achieve this goal. At present the focus of attention in the field of interior design in the design practice, the expression of contemporary traditional culture of the city after the industrial park, historic building renewal, cultural and commercial clusters, high-end residential products evolution and so on.
In the design process, through a comprehensive and detailed understanding of the needs of the owners, with a high sense of responsibility and experience for the owners to bring the best economic benefits, with exquisite design and excellent works to express the spirit of the pursuit of the owners. Establish mutual respect and trust through close cooperation with the owners.




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